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Emprego: Embedded Software Engineer (5479_CCEmbedded):Olisipo

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Referência da Emprego: Olisipo
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Referência da Emprego: 29-6-2020
Zona Porto
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Referência da Emprego:

Keen for challenges and ambitioning new solutions, our IT-Tude is oriented towards project excellence and a close relation with our collaborators.

With our People, iT works better!

We are looking for experienced Embedded Systems to integrate a project in Coimbra.

- Undertaking software development for embedded systems;

- Performing verification & validation testing of embedded systems;

- Mentoring less experienced colleagues.


- Academic background in Engineering or similar (Software, Electronics, Mechanical, Physics, Mathematics);

- At least 4 years of experience in software development;

- Knowledge of Ada, C or C ;

- Knowledge of system development using model-based development techniques and tools (for example, SCADE and MATLAB);

- Full-lifecycle software development experience, from initial requirements elicitation to design, coding, testing, documentation, implementation, integration and training;

- Passionate and ambitious who loves to work as part of a team;

- Good oral and written communication skills;

- Availability to travel, mainly within Europe (United Kingdom, Germany, France).

We offer:

- Personal accompaniment focused on Career Management;

- Continuous and personalized Training and Certification through our own Learning Center;

- Solidity, trust and growth;

- Competitive salary package with benefits.
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