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Emprego: Technical Delivery Manager (8347_Porto_Technical Delivery Manager):Olisipo

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Referência da Emprego: Olisipo
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Referência da Emprego: 29-6-2020
Zona Porto
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Referência da Emprego:

Keen for challenges and ambitioning new solutions, our IT-Tude is oriented towards project excellence and a close relation with our collaborators. With our People, iT works better!

We are looking for experienced Technical Delivery Manager to integrate a project in Porto.
Who you are:

- Passionate about technology and software development;

- Love to interact with people and you are capable of translating technical concepts to simple ones;

- A master of managing dependencies, while foreseeing potential risks and deadlocks;

- Love challenges and you hate being blocked from delivering your full potential;

- Like to explore new technologies and tools to improve process automation;

- Feel the need to be involved in the decision making process, and not just a pulley in a big machine;

- Want to be part of an international project, spawning multiple continentes.

We expect you to have:

- Experience in software engineering;

- Strong knowledge about the software development lifecycle and key flows;

- Technical skills in development and a bit of infrastructure automation;

- Strong knowledge about software design patterns;

- Solid experience defining the architecture of scalable systems;

- Experience building/defining micro-service based architectures;

- Familiar with clean code practices;

- Great communication skills;

- Experience managing development teams and software projects;

- Experience working in Agile methods.

We offer:

- Personal accompaniment focused on Career Management;

- Continuous and personalized Training and Certification through our own Learning Center;

- Solidity; Trust and Growth;

- Competitive salary package with benefits.
If you believe you have the right profile, send us your Curriculum Vitae (english version) through our email
and learn more about this opportunity.   

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